Post Pelleting Liquid Applicator

Apply heat sensitive ingredients such as enzymes to pelleted products with the accurate and cost-effective Easy Spray system.

Automation of liquid application to pellets is easy with the Easy Spray - Post Pelleting Liquid Applicator. Using the latest processor technology, this fully automated system will produce a uniform spray providing maximum coverage of a finished pellet or crumble feed.

Loss-In-Weight Measurement Provides Repeatable Accuracy

Flow meters or complicated metering pumps are not needed to maintain accuracy. The diminishing weight is accomplished by use of a variable speed, positive displacement pump. Because the system uses weight for delivery, you now have actual liquid flow-rate and inventory reconciliation on a run-by-run basis.

Operator Controls the Automation Processor

The operator, through the user-friendly keypad, can enter the inclusion rate and let the processor take over. The processor allows the operator to input the dry flow-rate or read a 4-20ma signal. As an option, the processor can be linked to a host PC for information management, which is key to successful feed manufacturing.

Self - Cleaning Air Assisted Nozzles

For liquid concentrates, the system provides a means of adding water for dilution to increase liquid coverage. A static mixer has been engineered into the system to blend the liquid and water uniformly prior to spraying.

Standard Features

Stainless steel platform scale for added durability and longer scale life. Multiple formula entries (up to 100 formulas) reduces operator error. Four liquids per pellet line enable multiple ingredient usage. Pre-set low liquid level indicator prevents running out of ingredient. Stainless steel pump head for liquid concentrates. Positive displacement pump for accuracy and repeatability in delivery rate. Nozzle assembly for self cleaning and air assist.


Auto-refill kit for bulk tank installations. Printer and report software for advanced information management. PC interface for information management. High inclusion liquid delivery for ingredients such as fat.