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Features and Benefits

The E-Z Binwacker™ is an automated mallet that is operated by your own auger system. The Binwacker™ runs off the direct drive of your auger's anchor bearing. The Binwacker™ will tap 2x/second. If bridging and rat-holing are a problem for you, then the Binwacker™ is your solution. The E-Z Binwacker™ fits 30 and 90 degree boots and most industry feed bins. The E-Z Binwacker™ has an epoxy coating to slow corrosion and a shield to protect you, your employees, and the Binwacker™.

The BIN30 model is for 30 degree boots. It is very easy to install. It mounts on the back side of the boot on your feed bin. A drive sprocket is attached to the shaft of your auger's anchor bearing. A chain is attached to drive the Binwacker™. Place on the shield and your bridging and rat-holing troubles are over.
The BIN 90 works just like its side-kick, the BIN30. It is designed to be used on feed bins with a 90 degree boot. Both the BIN30 and BIN90 will work on single or double auger systems. The BIN90 will install just as easily and will be just as effective as the BIN30.
The BIN-E is an electronic version of the original Binwacker™, the BIN30. It can be mounted anywhere. It operates on 110 volt electricity. Its primary application was designed for tandem bin systems with multiple auger lines. Available with the BIN-E is our new controller unit, the BIN4200. This control unit, mounted inside the barn, will accept up to four auger power head line feeds to control up to two BIN-E units. Any auger running at any time will be able to run either one or both of the BIN-E units. If you are having bridging and rat-holing problems and do not have access to an anchor bearing to operate our original BIN30, the BIN-E is the answer for you.

The E-Z Binwacker™ was originally designed by a farmer frustrated with the need to continuously beat on his bins to improve feed flow. Modern high fat diets and increased use of ethanol plant dried distillers grain (DDG) as a feed ingredient made the problem even worse.