E-Z Weigh IV

Easy Automation's Easy Weigh lV utilized cutting edge control technology from some of the largest feed mills in the world and delivers a system that is practical for the on-farm feed manufacturer. Easy Automation Inc. is the largest supplier of automation technology to the feed industry in North America, servicing thousands of customers worldwide. Easy Automation Inc. provides the only totally integrated solution from one supplier.

Features and Benefits

  • Open-based PC architecture with off-the-shelf hardware components provide proven reliability, economical cost, and reliable repair service.
  • Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems, utilizing Microsoft tools and standards, provides current software platform technology.
  • No limits on number of ingredients, formulas, locations, and groups.
  • Easy Weigh lV is networkable, allowing access from other computers in the mill or remote office.
  • Automatic free-fall, pulse length, and high-speed shutoff adjustments at the scale or the ingredient level provide consistent weighing accuracy for all batch weights.
  • User-definable ingredient tolerances.
  • Numerous predefined reports and compatibility with industry standard report writers such as Access or Crystal Reports.
  • Optional Loadout module tracks finished feed bins and trucks.
  • Easy Weigh lV seamlessly interfaces with EAI's Feed Office Pro mill management system for automatic group stage feeding, feed costing, exchanging data with accounting and record-keeping systems and more.
  • The system can be adapted to virtually any mill configuration. Special configurations have been designed to upgrade users of Weigh-Tronix SFM and MFP mills.
  • Standard faceplates are available to fit most mill configurations.