Laser Loader System

Patent Pending

Standard Features

  • The Laser Loader System (LLS) (patents pending) is a system that will automatically load feed trucks, capture loading weights, print delivery tickets, and track and record all feed weight load data with little or no user intervention.
  • The system will operate either a lorry system with an electronic scale on the lorry or a u-trough fill system with the scale beneath the truck.
  • The system can be tied either to the Easy Automation Inc. suite of feed batching and office management software or to competitor's systems.

    • An RFID tag reader (Fig.1) in the driveway will automatically read RFID tags (Fig.2 ) mounted on the truck as the truck enters the driveway. This is utilized to retrieve all truck parameters from the predefined truck database. Loads can be predefined in the load queue by defined truck type or for exactly each truck and driver.
    • The encoder (Fig.3) mounted on the rolling lorry continuously provides the exact location of the lorry on the track to the computer control system. A system utilizing verification cogs continuously corrects the encoder as it rolls to ensure the exact lorry location.
    • Down-pointing lasers, located on the rolling lorry, determine that the trailer compartment lid is open, the trailer is centered, and the compartment is empty. The optional truck-in-position sensors determine that the rear axle of the trailer to be in the correct loading position. (Fig.4)
    • The desired load for this truck is located automatically from the previously defined load queue database then the loading process can begin. (Fig.5)
    • The LLS will roll the lorry to the location below the desired overhead bin containing the feed required for this load. The LLS will then automatically activate the overhead feed bin gates to fill the lorry with the desired amount of feed.
    • The lorry, full of feed, is then rolled automatically to the correct compartment of the feed truck. A two-speed output can adjust the speed of rolling the lorry to ensure rapid travel and also assure accurate positioning. The LLS will then activate the down-pointing laser (Fig. 4) to confirm the lid of the truck is open and the feed compartment is not full of feed.
    • The LLS will then activate the lorry unload gate and unload the desired weight of feed into the truck compartment—automatically utilizing weigh up free fall routines similar to that of a batching system. A "swishing" capability can be activated to allow multiple truck compartments to be loaded without interrupting the flow of feed for more rapid truck load up. All weight values are captured and can either be printed on a load out ticket or transferred automatically to the feed mill information and accounting system. Truck sample labels, complete with load information, can also be printed automatically. Finally, truck load weight can also be set to fully load each truck to its maximum capacity.
    • The LLS will then repeat this process automatically until the entire feed truck is loaded, even with different feed orders on the same truck and different feeds in different compartments.
    • The entire series of steps is repeated — automatically loading load after load of feed as each truck enters the driveway. Truck driver stress and strain is reduced. Feed compartments are loaded correctly and all weights are captured automatically.
    • Multiple driveways and both lorry and reversing u-trough type loading systems can be automated.

    Features and Benefits

  • Real-time inventory is maintained from feed production to truck loadout observing loadout bin and truck compartment capacities.
  • Full integration to Easy Automation Inc. Mark IV Batch Control and other software.
  • Loadout Pro™ used with Mark IV will help prevent different feeds or modified feeds from being loaded into the same loadout bin.
  • Customer, truck, truck type, and driver information are set up in advance to expedite the truck loadout process.
  • History reports are available with a large number of sort parameters.