Micro System

Our micro systems are the best value on the market. They are offered in several configurations to adapt to your existing space. The poly micro hoppers are available in four different sizes. Compared to stainless steel bins, these poly bins have proven to be extremely durable, offer better flow characteristics, and have the added benefit of being able to observe bin ingredient levels through the sidewalls. An EAI micro system can be easily expanded to the changing needs of your business. Our micro systems can be used with any batching system.


  • Belt conveyor with brush eliminates the need for flushing the system.
  • Motor controls with AC speed drive.
  • Individual hopper scales make inventory reconciliation easier and loss in weight automation possible.
  • Stainless steel hopper.
  • Optional flush hopper removes residual drugs or other micro ingredients using corn or other bulk ingredients as a flushing agent.
  • Positive shut off air valves.
  • Explosion proof motors available when required.
  • Optional larger hopper sizes of 4.6 and 9.2 feet.
  • Weigh hopper can be extended past hopper support frame to accommodate tote bag systems.
  • Modular Poly Hopper Advantage.
  • Modular hopper design provides for an unlimited number of configurations. Two smaller hoppers can fit into the same lot space as one large hopper. A walkway can be placed down the center or around the sides. Unit is available in either double wide, half double wide, triple wide, or half triple wide configurations to fit in virtually any space. System is ideal for retrofit installations as it can get through a 32-inch door and be assembled in place. Translucent poly hoppers are economical, provide long life, and improved material flow. Stainless steel supports on the hopper support the weight of the hopper as it sits in the frame. System can be easily expanded in the future by simply adding additional sections and increasing length of weigh hopper.

    Weigh hopper available in U-trough flush hopper or belt conveyor.

    Economical poly hoppers make it easy to observe levels and aid in material flow. Optional flush hopper for multi-stage systems.
    Heavy duty, reliable helical drive gear motors. Accurate 4 pt. weigh bars improve accuracy.
    UHMW rear bearing will never rust or seize. High density kit for large hoppers.
    Flex auger on bin discharge aids in providing uniform flow. UHMW on auger flighting improves life and aids clean out.