Motor Starter Control Panel

A motor control center from EAI is factory engineered and UL tested, resulting in a higher quality, lower cost solution than field-constructed installations. Easy Automation Inc. is the largest supplier of automation technology to the feed industry in North America, servicing hundreds of customers worldwide. Easy Automation Inc. provides the only totally integrated solution from one supplier.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact manual starters and contactors allow more components in a smaller space.
  • Variable frequency drives are wired and programmed for your specific application before shipping.
  • All EAI motor control centers are UL Listed.
  • Manual starters provide short circuit protection as well as motor thermal-overload protection in a single compact package.
  • Motors may be individually locked out for maintenance at the MCC, or whole starter panels may be locked out using through-the-door disconnects.
  • All MCC wiring is easily accessible and traceable.
  • Wall-mount enclosures allow easy access for conduits from both sides and bottom.
  • All interlocking is prewired inside the starter panels, which reduces pre-startup wiring time and labor by the electrical contractor.
  • Entire motor control center is custom engineered for your specific application. All field wiring is point-to-point according to EAI schematics and documentation, thus reducing electrical contractor labor.
  • EAI supplies full custom schematics, terminal block layouts, and block diagrams for entire motor control center, which reduces trouble-shooting headaches caused by lack of paperwork.
  • Easy expansion. Adding a motor requires only additional manual starter and contactor. No bucket back plates, disconnects, etc.